Week One of 52: Old Tracks


Over My Head

Right before my trip to Chicago I had the best idea in the world and that was to start up a 365 photo blog. Boy did that blow into my face!

That was a lot of work with the addition to being away from the internet for 5 days and on top that, I had to deal with the lack wifi in my college apartment style dorm.  In other words it was a mess and I should have started when I got to Chicago to see if I was able t actually keep my project going without failing and breaks.  Either way I learned a good lesson and that is to never underestimate a 365 blog, and all make sure I can finish with I am planing on starting on up.  However I may join work on this other project which applied to be less stressful and more manageable for a non stop busy person like myself and that s to take that same concept but only a apply weekly which would result in to 52 photos of the course of the week.

The benefits of working on a project like this would be that I can think about the subject I am shooting and actually plan out something for a large scale and more advance project including editing my picture with Photoshop.  So I will begin to take a new picture every week and post the picture every Wednesday.  For an entire year I was going to wake and something next week but since I am always shooting thing (a bad habit of mine) so here it is

My Childhood [5 / 365]

As I clean up my room and pack my belongs for my permanent move to Chicago, I came across many toys, clothes and items in the basement during my childhood and as part of my project 365 I would like tho share some of them.

Million Can Man [2 / 365]

On Saturday during the Woodward Dream Cruise I had the pleasure to brief this guy on his bike who is on a mission to collect 1 million cans so he can go on a trip to China before the winter. After looking up his website, millioncanman.org, and his twitter page I found out that there  is a lack  number of homeless shelter in the metro Detroit area and many of these building are poorly funded.  The people who are running these things are giving old and expired cans and there is no way some people to heat the food.  I am not sure how many more cans he needs but in do hope he will get to go on his trip to China.